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Do you have a clogged or slow drain? Are you looking for a quality drain and sewer cleaning services? We’re locally owned and operated and only the industry’s best service to ensure our customers’ complete satisfaction.


Using a specialized cable machines to enter a clogged drain, the cable is then fed in to remove blockage. Cable clearing is available for kitchen drains, bathroom drains, floor drains, laundry room drains, downspout drains, and main sewer lines.


This method of cleaning is performed using a specially designed high-pressure water pump and hose. With specially designed tips I can remove the build-up, or blockage caused by grease, tree roots, and other debris. I can water jet lines 1” – 18” in diameter.


A color camera with a transmitter is used on the camera head to see the interior parts of the main sewer line. I can record video onto a memory card, send in an email, or live stream video while the line is being scoped. The transmitter also transmits a signal to a locator wand to make locating a line for repair, underground excavation, or future construction simple. I can camera and locate lines 2” – 8” in diameter.

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Drain cleaning in Astoria Oregon is something that every homeowner should conduct regularly. It’s just enough to own a home. The drain lines that carry grey water, sewage need to be checked and cleaned more often to maintain a healthy living environment.
Unfortunately, most homeowners take drain cleaning for granted until something goes wrong. Allowing your drainage to go for a long time without being cleaned is a recipe for damages on your drainage system.

How should you go about cleaning your drains?

The best way to keep your drains clean is to regularly keep an eye on your pipes and have the clogs cleared promptly. What does checking pipes mean?
Checking your drainage pipes is part and of home improvement. It is important because it helps in maintaining a fresh and clean home environment.
It is important to understand that most of the pipes in your house run the waste into the sewer or septic tank. This means that if these pipes are clean, water will pass through easily. Failure to clean them will result in clogs caused by food particles, hair, and grease blocking the drains.
If you experience blockage, be sure to contact a plumbing company immediately. Professional drain cleaning companies have equipment and chemicals that can easily unclog the drainage without damaging the pipes.

Catch the clogs

The other thing that you can do to protect your drainage system is proper maintenance. The sooner you identify the clogs in your drainage the better. If you don’t conduct regular checks, then dirty clogs might flood your home causing damaged walls and floors in your house.

Importance of hiring drain cleaning services

Clearing your pipes isn’t always easy. You might try doing it yourself and you may end up damaging the whole drainage system. The best thing to do is to hire the services of professional cleaners like Coastal Drain And Sewer.
Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of hiring drain cleaning services.

Quality services

The good thing about professional drain cleaning companies is that they provide quality services. They have people who are professionally trained to handle almost everything about drain cleaning. Besides, they also have chemicals and equipment that will ensure that your drainage is properly cleaned without causing any damage to the pipes.

Saves time

If you are a busy person, you won’t even have time to check what’s could be wrong with your pipes. The best way of dealing with that kind of a situation is to hire the services of a professional cleaner. However, ensure that the cleaner you choose is experienced enough with enough knowledge about proper cleaning techniques.

Saves you money

There’s no doubt that drain cleaning can cost you a lot of money. There are a few companies that offer cleaning services at very affordable rates. All you need is to do a thorough search of various companies before settling on one. You can get several quotations from them and do a comparison before making the final decision.
Last but not least, it is important to ensure that the drain cleaning company you choose is credible and trustworthy. Some states have regulations that all cleaning companies have to follow. It is important to verify that the company you have chosen abides by those regulations.
In general, drain cleaning is important for all homeowners. There are several companies in Astoria Oregon that provide high-quality draining services.
At Coastal Drain and Sewer, we are one of those. We have a team of experienced people who understand the ins and outs of drain cleaning and complicated situations. We offer affordable prices are with quality, friendly service. Give us a call today to check availability: (503) 312-5522